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Hey there, thanks for dropping by. This is Carl C. Lozano, I’m a General Manager by profession, currently focused on sales and marketing, operations management and customer service. I’m also an educator and trainer and have proudly produced batches of successful students and agents. Outside work I’m into Instagram which helped spark my passion for photography. On social media, you can find me with CCLozano as my handle, I’m fondly called Daddy C as well. Feel free to follow or subscribe and message me so I can follow or add you back (sorry I need to know you’re not a bot or troll ✌🏼☺️).

If you’re new here, big thanks! If you’ve visited before, you must have read my many prior posts, but yes, they’ve all been archived now as I’m rebooting this site. Will be writing soon, I sure hope you come back!

January 16, 2007

Finally, I found time to work on this website, my online journal, and have it redirected to my own domain name.

This is not my first attempt (the others were mostly learning spaces) but I’d like it this time to be my personal catalog of sorts, where I intend to make notes, discover, explore, and write about thoughts on a variety of subjects.

Welcome, appreciate it if you subscribe, thanks much!

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