Wait, Flickr’s filtering too!

Flickr’s jumping on the photo-filter-sharing bandwagon, and as if taking cue from Instagram’s camera redesign and Twitter’s Aviary filters, it’s better late than never as it rolled out a new version of its iOS app – with the upgrade that’s obviously Instagram-inspired – in a bid to remind photography enthusiasts that the Yahoo-owned photo-sharing service is still alive and hopefully convince the rest of the snap-shooting community to try out its new set of mobile features.   


The app has been refreshed with a simpler yet modern look and feel, providing a much faster log-in with your Yahoo ID, and the option to link your Facebook, or via Google, though it’s not immediately obvious.


After sign up or log in, you’ll be presented with tooltips that point you to the basic functions and available options, and if you’re an Instagram’er, you should be familiar with the layout, and how each tab is organized. even the grid and list views, and the double-tapping gesture to favorite a photo. Some of these revisions though, have been adapted from the Android counterpart app.

Tap on the camera button and we’re back in the filter game. 


There are 16 filters to choose from, and the snapping, filter application, and sharing process is pretty much the same as Instagram, with added advanced Flickr options. But aside from the photo effects, you’re offered more flexibility with a photo editor that’s powered by Aviary (provider of Twitter’s filters) for more enhancement, color correction, and scaling controls.

So there you go, photo-filter-sharing has indeed become more competitive. Flickr still is the pro and hobbyists’ go-to service for storing and sharing photos, but with this Flickr iOS update, it’s opening its doors wide open to Instagram’ers and phoneographers, providing users with an alternative and more creative options.

Your thoughts?

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