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If you’re looking to explore and upgrade your skills, particularly on Google’s professional tools and solutions, but thought such would put a huge dent in your budget, you’ll be happy to know that there’s actually a one-stop-shop training website called Skillshop where learners at any level can get online training to master the Google products, tools, and platforms for free. Doesn’t matter if you’re already a seasoned pro or just started with your upskilling goals, Skillshop offers comprehensive courses that you can take at your own pace to help you excel in your job, scale your business, or secure that next big opportunity you’ve been prepping up for.

I already started a few modules on Google Digital Garage brushing up on my digital marketing skills when I first came across Skillshop. Both offer free, easy-to-digest modules with videos and certifications after completion, but the difference between the two will depend on your location and your learning path. Digital Garage, Google’s flagship investment program in the UK, is focused on data analysis with technology, career development, and digital marketing but is not available to all regions. Skillshop on the other hand is offered to all but is not yet available in all languages and is focused more on Google products and tools.

While I would recommend both, I’d go for Skillshop if you’re looking to hone your skills specific to Google products, such as Google Ads. There’s actually a growing demand (and shortage) for paid ads specialists given that the global pandemic saw the phenomenal growth of e-commerce.

Formerly known as Academy for Ads, navigating the Skillshop learning platform is pretty simple and straightforward. You can either sign up or log in using your existing Google account and jumpstart your learning activities right away. You get to choose which Google products to concentrate on and filter the courses based on difficulty or your level of learning, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. The courses can be easily identified for learning the basics intended for beginners, for those with working knowledge of Google tools there are modules with which they can apply or test skills, and if you’re already well experienced you can go ahead with getting certified.

In my experience, compared to Facebook, Google advertising platforms are more complex and will take time and extensive use or immersion to master. A lot of research, study materials, and video walkthroughs are recommended before you even start working on campaigns. It’s not easy but with patience and focus, adding Google badges to your resume will get you more work or business opportunities.

So go ahead and upskill for free, upgrade your online skills for career growth, or explore ways to prepare and scale your business. Skillshop is definitely a good start.

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