Turn Back the Clock with These Fun Retro Party Ideas

A retro party is a throwback to the old days, when people didn’t have much to worry about. These days, we have so many things to worry about. We’re always thinking about our jobs, our families, and our responsibilities. It’s no wonder that we’ve forgotten how to have fun! We need something that will remind us of the good times and take us back to a time when life was simpler.

A retro party is just what you need!

Make it Themed

Retro parties are a great way to celebrate memories and traditions from the past. One of the best ways to throw a successful retro party is by picking a theme that is related to your childhood memories or interests. 

For example, if you grew up in the 80s then you might want to have an 80s-themed party with lots of neon colors and disco music on repeat all day long! 

Use Decor that Fits 

Decorating for a retro party can be a lot of fun. There are many ways to do this, but the best way is to find inspiration from the past and use that to create a party that is reminiscent of the past.

One of them is to use old-fashioned decorations and props for your event. You could use old photos or postcards as wall decorations, or you could even go as far as using old-fashioned furniture and utensils at your party to make people feel like they have traveled back in time when they visit your event.

Dress Up!

The best way to dress up for a retro party is by wearing clothes that are popular during that time period.

If you are dressing up for a 1920s retro party, then your outfit should be heavily influenced by the flapper style. You can wear a long dress with lots of fringe and feathers and your hair should also be in line with this era.

Another example can be If you are dressing up for a 1970s retro party, then your outfit should include bell-bottoms and platform shoes. Some glittery eye shadow and tying your hair into two braids can also complete your outfit.

Hire the Right Entertainment

Hiring the right entertainment for a retro party is not an easy task. It is important to find someone who can fit in with the theme and provide a good show.

A Marilyn Monroe impersonator might be just what you need to make your party complete. They can provide entertainment with singing and dancing, in addition to looking like the famous actress.

If that option doesn’t seem to fit your theme best, consider hiring a live band that focuses on playing hit songs of the decade you are choosing to celebrate. 

Incorporate Games 

Incorporating games into your retro party is an easy way to bring in some fun, nostalgia, and entertainment for all of your guests!

Choose games from the decade you’ve chosen as a theme or from your childhood. It’s a great way to reminisce in activities you used to partake in but may have forgotten about!

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