The photo filter war is on!

Because we just can’t stop snapping photos, prefer them snapshots retro-looking, and can’t help but share these colorful, fancy imagery to the world, the strongest and most active social networks – Twitter, Facebook and our favorite Instagram (which is a part of Facebook) – seem to be battling it out to be the service of choice, no longer just for socializing and venting out, but for photo-sharing, in style.

Not contented with the standalone Facebook Camera that lets you apply Instagram-like effects to photos before uploading to your account, Facebook recently updated its mobile app to include the same photo filter feature, beating Twitter to the punch, which is said to be working on a similar photo editing service, albeit high-res and vintage-savvy, which will be available before the year ends. Instagram, on the other hand, took offense and officially disabled all photo integration on Twitter today, redirecting users to its own web service, which it claims to be a more interactive experience.

While we’d usually have our filtered photos shared in all three networks at once (we can still do by the way), this photo-filter-war will all the more make social photography a bit more exciting.

Your thoughts?

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