The moment I learned that the Philippine iTunes Store no longer locks out music and videos for purchase, I was quick to look up the 80s new wave tunes I always wanted to have in my playlist, and this EBTG track is on top of my must-have (but in my search for songs with titles I can only recall a word or two, No More Drama by Mary J. Blige came up, eventually becoming my first music purchase).

Anyway, I just love this EBTG song, as well as its old-school music video – with the English duo (who are a couple in real-life) reminding me of my tween years when spiky-moussed hair, folded pants, and loose tops were the style norm – that nostalgic decade when you don’t necessarily have to have good looks to be in the scene.

But amongst all the dross
The lies and the grief
When all’s well
My love is like cathedral bells

Oh how I’m forever a tween, new wave kid.

Your thoughts?

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