Thanks to the Instagram phenoms – you!

If not for IGersManila Philippines, I would not have made it as finalist for Instagram Phenom of the Year at Globe Tattoo’s Tatt Awards 2013, and so I share this recognition to our community of Filipino IGers across the globe who have been Instagram’ing with us through the years. It’s not me that’s phenomenal, it’s really how @IGersManila, this one Instagram account I created, that built and continues to grow an open community – from the “call-to-action” photos and the curation of a variety of captured moments creatively edited and applied with beautiful filters, to the sharing of thoughtful captions that sparked interaction and the telling stories behind the themed snapshots, forming that daily visual storytelling habit we call #9pmhabit, one of the longest running photo challenges in Instagram, and with which most Filipino Instagram’ers found a starting point to “instameet” and socialize – that to me is more than extraordinarily rewarding.


I of course couldn’t have done this alone – bringing IGersManila to where it is today – I have the love and support of fellow moderators Ed Calaycay, Petim Maminta, and Pinky Delos Reyes, along with our collaborators and project partners, as well as our family, my loving wife who’s to blame for my Instagram addiction, and our ever supportive friends, who share the same passion that I have that goes beyond mobile photography – we’re not photographers, we’re visual storytellers.

I owe it to the community that calls me “Daddy C” thank you my Instagram phenoms, let’s keep the good vibes rolling!

Your thoughts?

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