Thank you Pinoy IGers!

THANK YOU! #TheMods and my friends @edcalaycay @ipetim @pinkipop27; my addiction aside from IG, everyone’s Mommy A @alexascribe; @dabid_isaac @sojina @kxktinkerbella for the raffle prizes; @shiaolien @edcalaycay for the giveaways; @lkdc for the cool IG keyring gift; @jaimejim for the short talk on lomography and for lending me his LOMO; DIGITAL WALKER for generously sponsoring the venue, the food, and whoawesome prizes; and to all fellow Pinoy IGers who joined us at @IGersManila’s Manila Instafest, the 5th and the grandest Instagram Manila Instameet with over 60 Pinoy IGers in attendance! @firstratejey @jigers @kxktinkerbella @yetteski @hellokring @warrenjc @zerepcram @ek_almero @sojina @djgambit @madzkybear @carlopierre @mykelayi @mykelayi25 @iammoony @abobot @pinoypao @drvincentbcruz @djgray21 @janedaryl @jaimejim @ohyesyoudo @icalopezdeleon @chinggaaayyy @akarlala @neilaga @flyfalcon @mogultown @jeesun08 @shiaolien @engraldin @makyabeli @rozendas @kikoski @lexmnl @dabid_isaac @juddahthegreat @wigiboy @peachy_rai @purplemeeh @jelloc @reatots @goldggranada @pwincessmiao @jok_lang @yzzellah07 @chechil @lkdc @hiimsmitten @diannevee @jordancarlo @prince_j10 @labyrinthozia @ilovewango @kidkarma_ @kissmelater @igop @arjhay @bloodyodip.

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