Hammered by this flat green wire

I didn’t need an extra pair of earphones, but since I’ve been working from home and have been attending meetings mostly via video or audio call, the first-gen Apple AirPods Pro that I use couldn’t keep up with the hours-long sessions! I’ve had it replaced for its crackling noise twice already (thankfully it’s free and covered by Apple’s service program) but after three years the crackling sound’s slowly making itself heard. While its noise cancellation is a godsend feature (the other end can barely hear our dogs barking), the battery and reception have become problematic lately. So I thought I needed a wired headset, and with so many good options and newer models from Sony, Marshall, and JBL, I decided to go with the flat green wire from Razer instead. Getting tired of the minimalist white so the gamer, snakey green is a welcome change.

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