Go go Power/Rangers!

If you haven’t seen it yet, a few days ago, a fan-made 14-minute video of the 90s’ “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” rebooted as a darker, more realistic and violent “Power/Rangers” directed by Joseph Kahn and produced by Adi Shankar, was making the rounds in social media, catching everyone’s childhood fancy, targeting of course the 90s kids who are now adults, but getting the ire of Saban Brands as well, the company that owns the franchise, who asked the video to be pulled from Youtube and Vimeo, for copyright claims. But it’s been settled with the inclusion of a disclaimer in the short film, it being unofficial, “unauthorized and hardcore” in a bootleg universe, so enjoy and see your childhood destroyed, that is if you’re a Power Rangers fan. How I wish they can do the same for Thunder Cats.

Game of Thrones S1-4 recap in 3 minutes

I haven’t even finished reading the first book and I only got the chance to watch the TV adaptation over the weekend (up to the last episode of Season 2), but as if I’m not already hooked, I found this fan-made video recap of Game of Thrones, that mishmashes the highlights of the series in about three minutes, mixed perfectly to Lorde’s rendition of a TFF classic – “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” – now I’m excited and is looking forward to another sleepless marathon this coming weekend.

Instagram 4.0 features Video on Instagram

In a press event Thursday, Facebook announced a new way of sharing visual stories called Video on Instagram – which has been rumored as a response to Twitter’s Vine, to rival its growing popularity as the social network go-to for short video loops – released today via Instagram 4.0, differentiating its service by going beyond the 6-second limit, with a new movie camera icon that allows you to record 15-second videos that play once, and as expected, 13 unique filters to choose from, and a stabilization feature called Cinema.

Filter is applied after you snap the video and you can choose a particular scene as the cover image, to keep your Instagram feed looking visually interesting. It’s now available for iOS and Android, but sadly, there’s still no news of a version for Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

With this update, visual storytelling is no longer limited to still images, but will this new video-snaps make Instagram’ing more fun?