Happy Easter!

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The sun dotting beautifully the skyline almost always reminds me of Easter, such as this photo I took when my wife and I went to Marinduque. I remember looking at the seemingly endless horizon and I just can’t help but think about life and get that contrasting feeling of melancholy and elation. Sadness because of discouraging circumstances, happiness because I have overcome and continue to be hopeful.

Like most faithfully celebrating this meaningful day having renewed their faith, I’m thankful to be alive and that all’s well. continue reading »

Nokia 8 – Share both sides of the story

So far I’ve read so many positive reviews of Nokia 8, supposedly being the first to offer that dual-sight camera mode and that gorgeously polished aluminum unibody in colors that are simply amazing, will this finally revive the Nokia that most of us (at least in my age) have come to love, the brand that gave us our first mobile phone. This is an Android smartphone (not the Windows Phone of previous iterations), so yes this (and possibly the rest of its Android line up) stands a chance to compete with the bigger guns of Apple and Samsung and gives us, and its still loyal following, more options when in the market for a new phone.

The good morning mentality 

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Please don’t think me rude if I greet you “good morning” even in the afternoon or evening, or at the wrong hour of the day. Not that I have lost the sense of time, but it’s something I picked up from a college friend, a successful real estate broker, whose charisma shines with her infectious laughter and cheerful chatter. When we got together for a video workshop and interview one late afternoon, she started with a “good morning” opening spiel. And as if she knew she’ll be corrected, continued on by saying “it’s because I begin and end my day like it’s always a good morning.”

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Instagram’ing with our furry friends

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When Instagram announced the Worldwide Instameet 15 and the theme will be “kindness” we thought this is something we’ve already done at IGersManila in many of our social good campaigns and so we asked our collaborators pool for ideas. We got several amazing ideas but we figured most will be difficult to do given the short timeframe to prepare and the minimal resources we have. continue reading »

VSCO playing catch up with Instagram

Update: The #NewVSCO is now available, get it for Android and iOS for iPhone.

Ask anyone who’s been Instagram’ing for the past 5 years what his/her favorite photo editing app is and you’ll most likely get the same response – VSCO or VSCOcam. While Instagram popularized the use of photo filters, it’s VSCO that must have perfected the all-in app most photography professionals and enthusiasts are looking for – an app that not only lets you apply filters, but offers a collection of customization tools for more creative possibilities. continue reading »

Bo’s Coffee’s 2016 Journal is out and IGersManila’s in it!

It was July 2015 when IGersManila got an invitation to collaborate with Bo’s Coffee for its 2016 journal, which of course we humbly accepted and has since asked our fellow IGers to submit their standout Instagram posts, with us moderators shortlisting Phoneography tips from our experience doing our Create-Share-Inspire talks. Months have passed and almost forgetting about the project until we got another invitation, this time to its launch at Bo’s Coffee in Bonifacio High Street BGC, with which we finally got to see how the journal turned out! Ahead of the launch date, our photos were on exhibit at the venue, a teaser of sorts and added surprise treat to our collaborators – we’re excited and proud to have become a part of this collaborative project – a playbook to showcase homegrown talents and inspire creativity, thanks to the support of a homegrown brand, Bo’s Coffee.


Bo’s Coffee’s Start: A Creativity Journal highlights the amazing creative work of Filipino creatives – Works of Heart, Jayneil Padilla, Vincent Navarro, and IGersManila – with helpful tips to get you started on an artistic endeavor, whether it be typography, sketching, and of course mobile photography, even coffee painting. continue reading »