The dog fam

If you follow me on Instagram, you must have noticed my feed having mostly Stories of dogs. That’s because ours is a big dog family of now nine: Luna, Levi, Luke, Lucy, Sophie, Julia, Lily, Denver and Oggy. Not only have they become a part of our family – no leash, uncaged and free roaming our home; we love and adore them like our own kids – they’ve become a major part of my daily routine.

Every single morning in the early hours, sometimes even before the alarm strikes 4am, I’d drag myself out of bed to open our bedroom door, so the banging and scratching would stop. Sometimes we just leave our door open, later either Sophie, Levi or Lucy would hop on the bed and cuddle. The gang of Denver, Oggy, Julia and Lily won’t be far behind, sniffing whatever being the curious younglings. Downstairs, Luke would bark nonstop as if crying “Hey, we’re your kids too!” with Luna who’s her usual timid self, too bad both can’t climb the stairs. So I’m left with no choice but to wake myself up, pick up poop, mop the pee off the floor, ask them puppers to go back to sleep, make coffee. Then off to work I go.

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