Google for free, only from Globe

If you’re a Globe Prepaid or TM subscriber, you’re in for a treat! Globe launched Free Zone powered by Google, a global first, offering easy and instant access to the web and Google services on Internet-enabled mobile phones charge-free. This is great news, especially for first-time mobile Internet users, as Free Zone allows subscribers not only to search the web, but send and receive emails, and share anytime, anywhere at no cost.

Being online all the time doesn’t have to be expensive and with this new mobile browsing promo, Globe empowers even its most budget-conscious subscribers to experience and enjoy the web, exchange email messages, and share to friends, worry-free. Free Zone is initially available to more than 30 million Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers nationwide until 31-March-2013.

To access Google services on your mobile phone free of data charges, simply text LIBRE to 8888 for free or go to on the phone’s default browser. Go to for more information about Free Zone.

So, keep the good vibes rolling, online!

Google doodles Araw ng Kalayaan!

Google today, Tuesday 12 June 2012, commemorates the 114th Philippine Independence Day through its doodle (in and with the Google logo sporting our flag colors (red, yellow, and blue) stylized with the sun and three stars. Mousing over it will show “Araw ng Kalayaan” and clicking presents you with search results related to today’s reason to celebrate. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Online lifestyle

It was a stay-home long weekend as usual (what we’d like to call that fancy name of staycationing) after the Halloween parties and thingamajigs, thankful much for getting the chance to do some serious book reading (I mean the old-school printed books, not the softcopy versions for tiny screens) and laidback web surfing (not the work-intensive type, oh how I still can’t let go of that term).

I can’t seem to put down Walter Isaacson’s biography of Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs (which is now topping various bestseller lists) but I’d segue anyway to my always-online self.

I caught this 4-hour workweek concept online, actually a book by Tim Ferriss, which warns us about information overload, espousing the idea of “selective ignorance” and from which I learned that phrase “lifestyle design.” Yes, designing or strategizing your lifestyle, awesome idea actually, in making day-to-day misadventures a little less crazy. Learn more about Tim Ferriss and his book from this website.

Don’t you want to sometimes stay completely offline (not even a single tweet, or status update, or that newer instant hi and hello via iMessage) and go back to doing things the old way? I do, and so I’d write using pen and paper, make post-it notes as reminders, and fold a page as my bookmark!

Unfortunately, what with work and personal thingies, that offline button seem grayed out or disabled, but of course.

Careful with that email

I got this message today in my work email, looks legit right? Logo, sender’s email, the content’s almost well written in English, even comes with postal address.

And as if I got hypnotized, I saw myself clicking on the link like it’s an everyday routine. Good thing, the link destination was blocked (my browser security alert says “get me out of here” which I did) and I realized this must be one of those scam emails that attempt to capture your bank-related identities and hack your account. Don’t get fooled by the link address – it actually redirects to a WordPress blog with a long and suspicious-looking URL. Saved by the in-house blocking software, annoying sometimes yes, but definitely served its purpose today!

Still, with all the Paypal gripes I read online about accounts getting hacked (usually via the associated email) then closed with little help from Paypal, I thought mine was already compromised but I checked anyway and thank goodness nothing’s wrong. Oh, the Paypal account I use with my work email is not verified and inactive, but I have a personal Paypal account I use in all my online purchases, so I got worried.

My first email account was with Yahoo and it got hacked (never got it back). I moved on to Gmail, with my main account getting hacked a couple of months ago but thanks to Google’s strong security checks, I was able to get it back – it would have been a disaster as it’s linked to all my social media accounts. In fact this is not the first time I wrote about scam emails, can’t believe I almost got myself victimized.

So, be very careful with the email/s you get, whether it comes from a trusted source or a message you’re actually expecting. Don’t click right away, read and read carefully – it helps to think twice before you do anything – the risks online nowadays are just too high.