The gym versus the books

It’s the first week of 2022 and aside from the spike in COVID-19 infections, thus the expected return of quarantine restrictions, there’s a soaring demand for or lack of vegetables in the market, at least in our area. It’s as if we all got tired of reheating leftover food and suddenly have this weird craving for healthier meals. Anything that’s not grilled, or sauced, or sweet. The veggies, perhaps a prelude to our seemingly unending journey to lose the weight we gained from the past holiday binging. Or the gym that we’re not really fond of signing up to but go to anyway to prep up for summer. And why can’t we get our old waistline back just by lounging and reading books?

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Vax on the rush

Pasig's vaccination card you'll be proud to show off.

On the day my wife and kids and others in our compound are getting their 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in Caloocan, I finally also got mine in Pasig. It’s only my first jab and had to sign up in the city where my work is located because I just couldn’t miss work and probably won’t last if I line up at 4:00 am and spend more than 8 hours waiting in too long a queue. Because that’s what my family had to endure, and many others in our barangay and perhaps in other cities as well, just to get vaccinated. Everyone seems to be rushing to get vaccinated now because of news that vaccines are scarce and running out of supply. And that some establishments are now requiring proof of vaccination before you’re allowed entry.

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How have you been?

If you haven’t been asked or is not asking this question lately, perhaps this is the best time to talk or get in touch with someone who’ll most likely need interaction, especially now that we have yet to see the global pandemic crisis ending pretty really soon, and given the prospects of having to deal with the “new normal.” I know it’s been a while and the past two months weren’t exactly easy, but how have you been? Hope all’s well with you, I pray that you’re safe at home with your family and loved ones.

I have been mostly inactive online because like most of you, I was silently struggling with life’s many tricky things big and small. It was a first quarter storm for me – my car was a total wreck after the holidays thankfully no one was badly hurt, few weeks after that I lost the job I kept for almost 15 years, then a heavy downpour of what seems to be a streak of bad luck – that, while having to deal with the news of the virus infection being widespread and later becoming a pandemic. It was the lowest of low for me that later turned into something that concerns not just myself but my family and as scary as what the world makes of the health crisis, panicky as it affects people from all walks of life, even the wealthiest and most especially the poor.

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