Making the laptop float and keeping it cool with lights

We need to catch up to this fast-paced world as we’re now surrounded by technology which has become an essential part of our daily lives. And that one device common among those working the hybrid or WFH arrangements, is the portable computer or laptop, which has become an indispensable tool that we use almost everywhere. However, using a laptop for extended periods can result in discomfort due to poor ergonomics, and it can also cause the laptop to overheat. This is where a laptop stand with cooling fans comes in handy. For the past weeks, I’ve been complaining about constant backaches and awkwardly fatigued wrists from staying seated and keyboarding all day. And so I did some shopping for add-ons to my work-from-home setup to address this, and another recent find is this Meewoo Laptop Stand which I got for a reasonable price.

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What to do when your MacBook Pro gets wet

MacBook Pro upside down to air dry

It’s been quiet I know, but aside from being busy with work, the reason why I haven’t written the past weeks is because my MacBook Pro got wet! How can I be so careless for a laptop that costs an arm and a leg and the warranty just recently expired. But I am usually OC when it comes to my gadgets, with my MBP having its own sleeve then keeping it inside the closet when not in use. And in that rare instance that I left my MBP on my home office table overnight was the time our air conditioner leaked and was dripping water droplets that slowly puddled to the spot where the MBP is plugged in. It would have been too late if I hadn’t woken up to the nightmarish sound of water droplets falling one after another.

Was having a hard time snapping out of the early morning grogginess, popped a pill and chugged a glass of stale soda and immediately went to work on reviving my MBP – read on to see what I did that got it working again.

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