At the 16th #PhilippineInstameet and #WWIM10

Last 04-October-2014, we heed the call for Instagram’s 10th Worldwide Instameet or #wwim10 (which coincides to the celebration of its 4th birthday over the weekend and in recognition of the various communities it produced across the globe) by way of @IGersManila’s 16th Philippine Instameet held at the Track 30th of the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. I used Meetup to announce and organize invites and attendance to this instameet and I must say it did help us big time, so we’ll be using it for our upcoming events.

The seemingly gloomy afternoon did not stop fellow Instagram’ers from trooping to Track 30th by Magic Hour (the sun’s still shying low though by 4:00pm), where we did our customary mugshots, circle of energy, and the classic “Porky Adobo” (that’s open sesame with a twist for the uninitiated). My co-moderators Ed Calaycay and Petim Maminta later grouped the over 50 participating IGers into five, assigned each with leads, and tasked everyone to name their team, come up with a cheer, and form the letters of IGERSMANILA with their creatively snapped photos of subjects they see around the park. The work they presented later as we convened at McDonalds for snacks, were as expected simply awemazing! Check out this video:

Collaged snapshots of the 16th #PhilippineInstameet and #wwim10:

Another exhaustingly interactive yet fun Instameet, everyone attending went home with the official giveaway goodies sent by the Instagram HQ. We also took the opportunity to explain the mechanics of / answer questions about, the upcoming 3rd Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit and announce the relaunch of @IGersManila’s Collaborators #TheColl. We’re still an open community, but if you want to level up your membership to @IGersManila and have fun while doing it, check if you’re qualified and apply here.