Running for the heart this 2017

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I’m not really saying I’m back, that’s because I didn’t exactly go away. Let’s just say I was mostly offline busy making sure I’d be kissing 2016 goodbye with a smile. It was a tough year, lost my mother to a deadly stroke late February, that left me barely able to focus at work even months after. And when I was about to get things back to normal, by July at our company’s annual physical examination, I was advised by the doctor that I needed to change my daily routine, lifestyle as a whole in other words, as my ECG results indicate I will highly likely suffer the same fate as my parents, who both died from stroke. I already quit smoking more than a year, but my slightly fragile heart deserves a much needed pumping to stay healthy, that’s when I decided I needed to go back to running. continue reading »

Simply clean

If “we are what we eat” then we must be out of the fitness scale, what with our unnecessarily outrageous eating habits and distressed lifestyle of fast food and quickie meals. We love to eat, it’s being conscious of the diet that makes it a misadventure, and how breaking the rules somehow gets you that guilty pleasure. While there’s no stopping the TV snacks and midnight visits to the kitchen, good thing there are ways to flush them toxins all out, one of note is Alejandro Junger and the Clean Program.

Cleansing, or simply dieting to help get rid of the impurities from the body, must be scary as such requires breaking old habits. But it’s a must if we want a healthy and stress-free lifestyle as cleansing encourages self-healing, boosts energy levels, stimulates digestive health, and get back our natural ability to fight off common diseases. It’s like outgrowing your age but keeping the young and vibrant you – if you want that vitality, then cleansing is a no-brainer.

When it comes to our well-being there’s no ifs and buts – while getting that perfect waistline or muscled body can be difficult to achieve – it sure is a good start with cleansing, that can lead to healthy living. So go check out as it offers everything you need to cleanse. It’s easy but of course requires your personal commitment, that is, if you want a better definition of “you are what you eat.”