Badminton cracked my iPhone 7

My first iPhone is the 3G, heavily protected with a thick case, but when the iPhone 4s came out, with its promise of a stronger exterior, I stopped using a case and used every iteration I owned almost always naked from unboxing. I thought, if Apple says it’s durable, whether glass or aluminum, it must be. Even with a few silly drops here and there, every iPhone I owned survived without cracks. That’s true until today.

It was my usual Sunday cleaning drill at home, when I saw my wife playing badminton outside with a nephew. I joined in. I actually missed playing and just as I was happily sweating it out with heavy smashes, I heard a loud thud from what I thought was a TV remote. Everyone watching us play was in shock: it was my jet black iPhone 7! You can tell from the look on their face, I must be stupid for not being careful or not investing on a protective case. continue reading »

Nokia 8 – Share both sides of the story

So far I’ve read so many positive reviews of Nokia 8, supposedly being the first to offer that dual-sight camera mode and that gorgeously polished aluminum unibody in colors that are simply amazing, will this finally revive the Nokia that most of us (at least in my age) have come to love, the brand that gave us our first mobile phone. This is an Android smartphone (not the Windows Phone of previous iterations), so yes this (and possibly the rest of its Android line up) stands a chance to compete with the bigger guns of Apple and Samsung and gives us, and its still loyal following, more options when in the market for a new phone.

Gadget-shopping for good vibes

On the lookout for premium powerbanks, protective cases, stylish bags, and gadget-whatnots? Fulfill your gadget lust and wake up to good vibes.


If you’re itching to go gadget-shopping, then head on over to a Digital Walker nearest you (my favorite store for the latest mobile devices and accessories) and spend at least PHP 5,000.00 (or you can accumulate your receipts until August 15) to get this cute, yellow-bright, limited edition Digital Walker Espresso speaker.

Now that’s the perfect accessory for your easy morning serenades while on a coffee or tea brewing session.

Go Crumpler shopping this January

The holidays are over and you must have bought or been gifted with a brand new phone, a shiny tablet or a sleek notebook computer, and now you’re looking for a matching bag that will let you carry all these gadgetry with you, in style. You of course don’t want these precious gizmos easily gadgetnapped or get dropped or broken when you’re out and about. Good thing January is the aftermath of the holiday shopping season, and it’s the best time to grab that Crumpler bag you’ve been eyeing, now at a special price!


Crumpler Philippines got you covered and you have until January 31, 2014 to go shopping and enjoy discounts from 30% to 80% OFF on bags at its end of season sale at these Crumpler stores: EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mall, TriNoma, Robinsons Magnolia, and Bonifacio High Street.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 race is on

If you’ve been waiting for clues as to when the pen-wielding phablet and smart watch combo concocted by Samsung will hit our shores, our two rivaling telcos have actually activated their respective pre-order registration sites for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Gear this week, as if declaring that the race to enticing more Samsung and Android fans is so on.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series is touted as the leader of the phablet pack, and in its latest iteration, aside from a bigger touch screen and leather-textured back, the Galaxy Note 3 seemed to be focused on pen functionality and the complementary features provided by the new Galaxy Gear watch.


It’s actually Globe that signaled the race, sharing its registration page ahead of Smart – not to be outdone with its pre-selling page launching a bit later. I registered at both sites, with confirmation emails that offered no hints as to pricing and the corresponding postpaid plans and exact date of availability. continue reading »

All Day On Instagram’ing with BoostCase for iPhone 5

For iPhone 5 users like me, having to charge its battery two to three times a day, or easily discharging it after only a few hours of use, is a major turnoff, especially if you’re into Instagram’ing or phoneography. The iPhone 5 is a beautiful do-it-all device, but it shouldn’t stop you from snapping special moments just because it’s battery-dead. Thank goodness there’s a BoostCase Hybrid Battery for iPhone 5, that will let you enjoy Instagram’ing all day on, and you can get yours now at Beyond The Box.


The BoostCase is a two-piece solution for the iPhone 5: (1) use the slim snap-case for everyday protection and (2) attach the battery case to charge your iPhone 5, then easily slide it off when fully charged. The stylishly designed snap-on case is velvety, maintaining the iPhone 5’s thin and sleek profile, while the detachable extended battery sleeve provides up to 80% more battery life, conveniently recharged via micro USB port and cable, which can also be used for syncing with iTunes. continue reading »

Snap a selfie, win a goody with your Nokia Asha 501

If you already own the super smart pocket power that is Nokia Asha 501, the pocket-friendly yet powerful and simple to use smartphone, letting you enjoy everything you love in one screen and just a swipe away, then snap a selfie and show off your new smartphone to get a FREE Nokia Asha 501 shell.

You have until July 28, 2013 to send your selfie – just snap a photo of yourself holding your Nokia Asha 501 then submit it to the Nokia Philippines Facebook page at

The dual SIM and WiFi capable Nokia Asha 501 has a scratch resistant touchscreen, packed with exciting apps and innovative features, available in six bold colors, at only PHP 4,490.00 SRP from Nokia Stores and authorized retailers.

Get a SwitchEasy smartphone case at half the price!

You love your gadgets and you protect them with cases that sometimes can be too clunky for your taste. If you want a case that will not only keep your gadget protected but dressed up in the color and design that speak your personality as well, now’s the best time to switch. SwitchEasy, one of the most popular case makers in the world, makes it easy for you to switch. SwitchEasy provides more than protection for your gadgets, it offers unique designs that fit your personality, be it simple and elegant, or fun and eye-catching, there’s a SwitchEasy case that matches your style.

From July 19 to August 18, SwitchEasy is giving 50% OFF on all smartphone cases, and you can get the discount in three easy ways:

  1. In Store Swap – Trade-in your old case at any of SwitchEasy stores to get 50% OFF on any SwitchEasy case.
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It’s time to make the switch to SwitchEasy!