Gigi, the folding bike

Though I couldn’t do it daily, I’ve been trying to run after work before I go home. Running is the only workout I can do given my work schedule and longer commute. I would run circles for about half an hour at that pocket park in Salcedo that’s near my office. It’s a great way to cap a stressful workday and I’ve been getting good sleep every time. But when it started raining by June, I couldn’t commit to my running routine, I’d instead wait out the rain or traffic then go straight home. Reviving my gym membership would have been justifiable, but I was going there just for the treadmill anyway, so instead I decided to get a bike. It’s not like I can ride a bike under the rain, but the failed running routine and typhoon season aren’t exactly the reasons to go biking. But I went ahead with the purchase anyway.
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