Give me a few more weeks and I can proudly claim that I’ve become a minimalist. I actually didn’t know it’s been called that term, I always thought of minimalism in terms of photography. No I wasn’t unhappy or miserable, the level of clutter I have is not even alarming enough to that of a hoarder, but I guess it’s because I wanted to live within my means and enjoy life without the pressure of wanting more. I came across this documentary film about minimalism by Matt D’Avella and was inspired even more. Here’s what got me started. continue reading »

Into dish gardening

While it took her a while to quit cigarette smoking (I stopped several years ago) I’m just happy that my wife, who remains a huge Aldub fan, have realized she’s gifted the green thumb and kind of got addicted to gardening, and collects a variety of cacti, succulents, and several flowering plants.

It all started with the small, barren areas in our garage and front yard, having had our house fully renovated last year from one story to add another floor to accommodate more rooms. What used to look like a puzzle of plumbing lines and unsightly cement droppings and broken hollow blocks, are now plots for beautiful gardens when she got them fixed, with which she’ll wake up early every day (even if she hardly slept due to work) keeping her mornings preoccupied with watering and tending to her plants. This also got her started with dish gardens and turned it into a business of sorts – Lhen’s Dish Gardens – selling her creations to friends and those who inquired online. continue reading »

Just kidding

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I can go on forever saying it’s been hectic the past several days, if not weeks, even months. I really am, massively, routinely busy. While I’m not complaining, I thought this has got to change. In my attempt to break this busyness, I signed up to a 24-hour gym, heeding the advice of my doctor to exercise and get back in shape. That seem to add another hour or two to the routine, and my exhaustion, but it felt good this time. It felt good to take care of yourself so you can take care of others, I thought, so I’ve been pushing myself to be strong, healthy, and always ready for life’s misadventures with energy. continue reading »

My son’s a bonafide rockstar now

My youngest son Kirk Marcus is the lead guitarist for his recently formed band they named The New Coming Horizon (TNCH), busying himself this past summer collaborating with schoolmates and friends, jamming to cover Paramore’s “Emergency” and penning an original composition “Nailed Promises” together with Matthew (Bass), Levi (Rhythm), Lindsay (Drums), fronted by Gio and Anna on vocals, which they performed for the public for the first time and won them 3rd place at the Clash of Bands 2016 by Blaster Studio, held at Selda Dos Music Bar and Studio in Visayas Avenue, Quezon City last June 4, 2016. continue reading »

We love LesMis Manila!

I almost forgot about Les Misérables having a Manila run this year until I saw an ad on Facebook. Thanks to my wife, without second thought, I initially considered buying just two tickets, but since our kids loved the film adaptation, we decided that the four of us should go. It’s the first time we’re watching a musical as a family (my second, having seen Miss Saigon way back), and while the tickets weren’t exactly affordable – having read Victor Hugo’s classic novel several times, listened to the original Broadway soundtrack (I have the double-CD but it’s in my Spotify playlist) even memorizing the lyrics, comparing previous movie versions – all worth it we proclaimed! Besides, LesMis is the world’s most popular musical playing for the first time in the Philippines, we didn’t want to miss it! continue reading »

I love you Charlie…

I’m not really into pets. My earliest memory of a pet was a native chicken I childishly assumed was mine, it’s about to become a hen, until someone in the family craved adobo as pulutan. It’s not exactly traumatic, but I can recall the chicken panicking (and thought it was crying) when the kitchen all of a sudden became busy and festive and the kettle whistling a signal that my dear pet’s about to meet its end. I skipped meal teary-eyed and hated everyone that day for feasting on my poor chicken. I can no longer remember her name, but I prayed that she enjoys clucking her way to heaven. Like a typical Filipino household, our family kept askal dogs my brothers would usually call “Boxer” but never to be considered as pet, nor mine. A former agent gifted me with a Labrador puppy, called her Athena. She was to be our first pet, now with a family of my own, but it bit me, costing a lot on anti-rabies sessions after, so we decided to give her up and send to my in-laws. Broke my heart that she died a month after. I thought, I’m too busy to worry about a dog, I decided no more pets. continue reading »


Proud parent here. My youngest son, Kirk Marcus, is the lead guitarist for the band endeared with the name “Sound of Heaven” or simply SOH, which he formed together with his best friend Luigi (guitars), tagged along Kurt (bass), Zaraji (drums), and Leila (vocals) later, all Grade 8, to join this year’s Battle of the Bands at Mater Carmeli School of Novaliches. And the family’s so proud that the band made it to the finals. As a kid I always dreamed of becoming a rockstar (until theater acting got the better of me back in college), I sure hope Marcus gets to fulfill his.

The wife and Luigi’s mom’s been busy acting the band manager part, from scheduling studio practices and hiring a coach, to shortlisting songs and picking outfits. I helped out with the photoshoot and did SOH’s tarpaulin, which would’ve won the best band tarp (turned out to be bigger than most on display at the school lobby), if there ever will be one, hahaha. While they didn’t win (actually the kids didn’t really want to win because they want to qualify to join again next year) SOH surely has won our hearts with the rawness of their music, resonating the pure, youthful vibes uniquely theirs!

Here are the videos of their performances, captured with an iPhone 5s and edited with iMovie for iOS.