2017 was a blast, 2018 will be a smash!

It was mid of 2017 when my wife and I were faced with a seemingly negligible problem, that would soon keep us busy for the rest of the year. We were as usual busy catching up with work, our youngest now in senior high school with focus on arts and design, while Kurt gets landed in a job with an early morning shift. It all started with dilapidated roof drips that needed mending. Now we’re glad we not only took on that repair problem lightly but even took on a bigger challenge.

By the push and support of my mother-in-law and after countless convincing and discussions, layout planning with the kids, Googling designs, color combinations, and costing, we went ahead with our biggest family project this year (actually ever) – our house renovation – but it was my wife Rosalyn Panado-Lozano who bravely took on the day-to-day challenges from starting at the early onset of the rainy season last July, with which got most of our furniture wet and practically useless, until finally seeing the tiled floors, rooms in the hues to our liking, the bath tub with heated water we all wanted but almost didn’t happen, moving in after four months right just in time for the holidays. Our family was overwhelmingly happy to have finally welcomed friends and relatives to our home at the Thanksgiving Mass and Blessing.

It’s still a work in progress (at least for my wife who can’t wait for summer to have the exterior painted in our favorite happy yellow and fresh green colors) and continue working on her mini-garden, but we’re just so blessed to have celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve at our home we fondly call Happy Lemony Crib.

It was a tough but awesomely gratifying 2017 and we can’t wait to make great this 2018. Cheers!

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Just say “Blessing!”

I’ve been working late at the office for a couple of weeks now in my attempt to cover three shifts. Since we transferred from our Parañaque headquarters to our own building in Makati about six years ago, my agents, especially those assigned in the mid- and graveyard shifts, have been sharing stories of scary chair movements, doors shutting, weird noises, uneasy feeling and nightmares when napping in our lounge, sightings that went from negligible to somewhat significant that such paranormal activities have somehow affected our operations, at least for the agents who claim to have experienced the horrific instances. That’s why it’s been our practice, tradition actually, to have our office blessed at least once a year. And so in my many late nights at the office, I was actually also hoping, waiting to experience the same. While I would get this eery feeling every time, no, the office was just that–workspace–plain and simple. But there’s no ignoring the fact that my agents are beginning to get scared, again. And we learned that we’ve been too busy last year we forgot to do the customary blessing.

So I asked my secretary to immediately look for a priest and schedule a mass and blessing. We used to just ask a priest from any parish, but my secretary was told this time that we’ll need to get in touch with the nearest parish, and thank goodness she was able to make arrangements easily. She was asked for what occasion it’s for, she said there was none, that we want to start the workweek blessed with a holy mass.

And so Monday came, everyone at the office was all prepped up. As soon as the priest arrived and got ready, he started the mass, with a question though.

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The king of the house

My kids would typically surprise me with a sketch-cum-gift, and this Father’s Day they added another personalized greeting card to my growing collection, this time crowning me with a kingly smirk. That’s enough to keep me proud and perhaps, regal. Work has kept me busy, but while I spend most waking hours at the office, I make sure that weekends are solely for the family, and I’m just happy my kids still consider me “the best dad.”

Cheers to all the royalties in the house–the whoawesome dads–around the world!

If you haven’t already, kiss and hug your father, daddy, papa, or tatay and tell him how much he is loved, make every day his special day!

It’s been 6 years with Facebook

Facebook just turned 10 years old last 04-February-2014 and don’t be surprised if your Facebook friends have been posting “Look Back” movies, which is actually a new Facebook feature that lets you create personalized videos that highlight your shared content over the years, sort of letting you in on the celebratory mood of the social network this February, doesn’t matter whether you’re an old-timer or new to the community.

Unlike its previous Year In Review feature which showcases your content in static pages, the Look Back movie recounts the year you joined Facebook, showing your “first moments” and your most liked posts (including status updates), along with your popular photos, all done with a nice background music, in a minute long video that you can of course share.

In my case it’s been 6 years, and I remember signing up just because I wanted to get in touch with friends who are based in the US, and well, I was getting tired then of Friendster. Thank goodness for Facebook I indeed got reconnected and has been “socializing” since, with most of my friends, relatives, schoolmates, even colleagues, regardless of location.

If you haven’t “look back” go to https://www.facebook.com/lookback and I bet it’ll somehow make you smile (or cry?) with the memories of your years with Facebook.

Google doodles Araw ng Kalayaan!

Google today, Tuesday 12 June 2012, commemorates the 114th Philippine Independence Day through its doodle (in google.com and google.com.ph) with the Google logo sporting our flag colors (red, yellow, and blue) stylized with the sun and three stars. Mousing over it will show “Araw ng Kalayaan” and clicking presents you with search results related to today’s reason to celebrate. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Globe’s iPhone 4S midnight launch

Because I’m a Globe postpaid subscriber, even with Smart offering an alternative (and I have my own stories of Globe’s terrible customer service and horrifying billing errors – no brainer for switching), I decided to stick with Globe. And thanks to Elbert Cuenca, Chairman of The Philippine Mac Users Group (or PhilMUG of which I’m a member), I got an invite to be one the first to get an iPhone 4S at Globe’s midnight launch at the Ayala Museum in Makati featuring Kaskade and other awesome DJs.

The Museum Cafe’s special menu for Globe’s iPhone 4S launch.

Scrumptious food that kept me up until 12mn when Globe released the iPhone 4S.

After the buffet dinner, with fellow PhilMUG members at the Museum Cafe patiently waiting for Globe’s iPhone 4S midnight launch countdown. (Photo courtesy of @TattooPH posted in Instagram)

It was exhausting but fun waiting in line with other fellow PhilMUG members. Thanks to Globe they opened a counter just for us! It was my turn after around an hour and got my white iPhone 4S 32GB by 1:30am! (Photo courtesy of @TattooPH posted in Instagram)

While waiting for my number to be called, I went to the demo area and tried the iPhone 4S – it was hilarious getting answers from Siri what with my weird questions. (Photo courtesy of @TattooPH posted in Instagram)

My iPhones! From iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, now iPhone 4S. Very happy with my early Christmas gift!