Snappy charger for chilling

Anker's snappy charger for chilling is actually cool.

All the power banks I’ve ever owned, of different shapes and sizes, brands and capacities, have either bloated and doubled in size, or just plain stopped working. I rarely bring one when I go out, but these days you can never tell when you’re going to need one. Like last month when we were out of town, there was a power outage that lasted for two days. Of course, we all run out of batteries on our devices by then. A scary situation especially when in emergencies. Good thing there are now more choices for power banks that use newer and better technology. And one brand that I particularly like is Anker, well-known in the world for producing high-quality, portable chargers and batteries. I’ve been eyeing the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery MagGo, it’s not the latest model though still pricey, it’s the snap-and-charge power bank and foldable kickstand rolled into one that’s also great for chilling.

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Anker over Apple’s charger

Anker PowerPort III mini

When I upgraded to the iPhone 13 Pro Max via Globe Postpaid, I knew I needed to invest in some accessories as the unit will only include the cable but not the charger and headphones. Before the pandemic, I got myself an Airpods Pro that was replaced twice thankfully for free due to a known defect, and a flat Qi wireless charger which I got really cheap that stays at home. While I got used to just carrying the cable with me and using my laptop to charge my iPhone, on several occasions I was dead-bat because I don’t have a USB-C brick or I have no device to attach the USB-C cable to. And so I’ve been eyeing on getting the better and more affordable Apple alternatives, particularly from Anker.

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