Tackling each day as it happens

Two weeks have passed and thankfully I’m getting used to dating signatures with 2013. While most would look back at the unforgettable moments of the past year for a clean slate this January, I busied myself prepping up strategies to zero-in on the prospects ahead. 2012’s done, and I’m moving on from the insane mixture of glorious ups and tearjerker downs, but holding on to the people who helped me turn misadventures into lessons, risks twisted into milestones, and colorful memories forever frozen and retrofied into visual stories.

Without a New Year’s resolution or a checklist of to-dos and must-haves (which I think is more prediction than direction, planning is a different story though) I’d like to tackle each day as it happens. So aside from keeping up with the good vibes, this is my commitment moving forward:

I can’t wait for the next 350 days, so see you around!

Your thoughts?

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