Sideways snapping with Instagram for iOS version 4.0.2

If you’re faithfully using Instagram’s inbuilt camera to snap photos (and lately videos) and have been wanting to do it in the more comfortable sideways or landscape mode, then version 4.0.2 of the iOS app is for you. While this latest update lets you take photos and record videos holding your iDevice in landscape orientation, the output is still in square format, which means followers of your Instagram feed won’t really notice. 


A weird oversight on this release is that, given that it lets you now snap photos like we do with our digital cameras, the volume button can’t be used as a shutter release, so you still need to tap on the camera button to snap a photo or video.

But for Instagram’ers who are fond of snapping selfies, this will be a very welcome update as it now provides support for Cinema (or video stabilization) using the front-facing camera.

Though minor, this is sort of a sweet and silly update, crossing fingers for a better release soon. No news on when these changes will be reflected on the Android counterpart.

Your thoughts?

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