Shocked by this G-Shock

September ended with life throwing lots of surprises and even more shocking news. Yes, I’ve been very busy but the same month thankfully I was able to privately celebrate my birthday with loved ones and took the opportunity to take a break and reward myself, my wrist actually, with my first CasiOak. It’s what fans termed the now classic Casio G-Shock GA2100-1A1 that bears similar designs to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, as both watches share an octagon bezel with a round crystal and stick-shaped hour markers. Lucky to have caught it at a shockingly low price!

I’ve been wanting to get a Casio G-Shock, but I always end up getting them for my kids as gifts instead, until I finally managed to catch a CasiOak in its Tough Solar and Bluetooth version online at a very good price. I own Seikos but lately, have only the Apple Watch SE on my wrist to monitor my health. I got the Casio G-Shock GA-B2100-1A that’s solar-powered and Bluetooth-enabled that can be linked via app on either a compatible iPhone or Android device.

The Casio G-Shock GA-B2100-1A packaging and inserts.

I got the black model with red dial, at the time it was selling at around 15k pesos but I got it at less than half of its original price plus voucher discounts at a 9.9 sale. Check the full specs here.

What I like about this watch is of course its retro look, the simplicity of its design and the octagonal form, and the combination of analog and digital time, aside from the staple features such as shock and water resistance, double LED light, world time, stopwatch, alarms, and reminders. There’s the added stable solar power, which means no worrying about replacing the battery for years, and the smartphone link and connectivity features via Bluetooth that lets you change many of its settings using your phone.

My CasiOak getting its sunbathing time.

I’ve been wearing my CasiOak now more than the Apple Watch SE and I like how it’s rugged but still complements any attire even my usual daily business shirts. Like the force of habit though, funny that I would still look at it every time my iPhone vibrates as I got too used to my linked devices setup. I’ve set it up for an hourly signal and reminders for breaks and end of shift and has since been serving its purpose. And I’m not as worried that I needed a protective case as G-Shocks are known to be light but tough, and weather-resistant.

On my way to my appointment with my CasiOak.

Happy kid here with his first CasiOak and G-Shock! If you have one, comment to share your experience and if there’s anything I need to know other than tinkering with it on the app and making guesses on the side button functions every time.

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