Sharing our Instagram’ing habits at #IMSocialxUST

I was a speaker at the first GMA News Think Before You Click and YouScoop Sessions, held at the University of Santo Tomas, and hosted by Thomasian alumnus and iJuander host Cesar Apolinario and Journalism student Samantha Belmonte, sharing the story behind IGersManila Philippines, along with UST Political Science student Justin Decastro, of “the boy who cried books” social media fame, and Jay Jaboneta, co-founder of the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation.


While I initially thought of it as a small gathering, I got nervous when the organizers declared the hall (which UST students lovingly call BGPOP) to be SRO, buzzing with students probably curious about the session speakers and topics, as the event was also livestreamed online via

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I was with GMA Reporter Jiggy Manicad before the event started, and asked my son Kurt, who’s a junior Journalism student at UST and a member of TOMCAT, to do an ambush-interview, which he successfully did, before Jiggy had to leave due to other commitments.

I was the first to talk and how else can I interest the audience and match their energy but with a series of #selfie? I proudly introduced myself not as an aspiring photographer, but a manager by day or profession and an Instagram’er 24 by 7.

I of course talked about how Instagram, which was initially thought of as just a camera and photo-sharing app, has become a hugely active social media network, building communities of IGers across the globe, IGersManila being one of the pioneers, interacting and collaborating for visual storytelling, and ultimately inspiring others to do the same.

From our straightforward snap-filter-share Instagram workflow, it has evolved to our current #CreateShareInspire campaign, encouraging the community to our mantra since the early days with Instagram – “Keep the good vibes rolling!” I ended my session with my own quote on our Instagram’ing habits:

“That camera in your pocket, is your life’s storybook waiting to be created, shared, and inspire.” @cclozano

GMA News personalities were also there to share their thoughts on the subject of social media. Online Executive Editor & OIC Jaemark Tordecilla talked about how journalism has evolved because of social media networks, then finally with GMA News Anchor Howie Severino talking about the “Think Before You Click” advocacy, encouraging students in the audience to be responsible in using social media.

Stay tuned for announcements on the next #IMSocial sessions to be held in other schools soon.

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