Plantita wife, happy life

My wife's plant garden in and out of our house.

If there’s anything good this pandemic has ever given us, it’s that we now have more time on our hands at home, thus the opportunity to become our own chef or baker, craftsman or DIY guy, online seller or next-door tutor, and plantita or plantito who can turn any humble dwellings into green sanctuaries. My wife’s one and has turned our home into her own garden or what I jokingly call Jumanji. No, our house doesn’t look anywhere near that messy jungle from the movie, but almost every room or corner of our house now has a pot or two of her plants. I’m not complaining, of course, I’m just as happy to see her happy with her plants.

The pandemic didn’t just turn her into a plantita though. Even before the hype last year, the soaring demand of which brought the plant prices ridiculously high, my wife has been flexing her green thumb with Lhen’s Dish Gardens of which she had a mix of cacti and succulents. So she naturally graduated to the craze for plant parenting.

When we had our house renovated a few years back, we converted an extra space of our garage into a small garden of sorts. This is where my wife would spend most of her time in the morning or until the sun is hot and shiny and no longer bearable. The same plot of garden though has become a favorite spot of stray cats, and when it rains, a resting place for frogs, and she’d scream and scare the rest of us every time she’s greeted by one or two.

We both used to smoke cigarettes for years since college but she had a hard time quitting, unlike in my case I gave up the vice quite easily. Gardening or planting I think helped her big time. Aside from requiring your constant care thus keeping you occupied, it helps clear your mind and focus on keeping them plants alive and green and bloom with colorful leaves or flowers.

While plantitas can easily order from Facebook sellers and have them plants delivered, well my wife does most of the time, we sometimes spend our weekend going to these home-based garden sellers as far as Bulacan to pick up her “mine” plants. I’d hear her cheerfully talk about varieties of plants, some rare others too expensive, that she was able to score at a very good price, and sometimes convince me to chip in, which I’d glady oblige. Later I would see them lining up our stairs or waiting to be repotted outside our door.

She would sometimes get frustrated when her plants don’t grow as expected or dry up and eventually die. But like a true plantita, she won’t easily give up, will research and experiment and then concoct an organic mixture for nourishing her garden the next time. And as in the featured photo, she even used our JML Humidifier to shower her plants with a healthy dose of special plantita mist.

Cheers to all plantitas and plantitos and their growing gardens! I’m just happy for my wife to have found her passion for plant parenting.

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