Phoneography Workflow: Liz Uy Portrait

From the hundreds of photos I snapped at the Preview Fashion Portraits with which IGersManila got invited and had the privilege of working with other artists, this is one of my favorite portraiture of Liz Uy. Fellow Instagram’ers were awestruck with Georgina Wilson’s striking beauty and Bea Soriano’s dramatic poses, but Liz stood out as the glamorous muse, fitting elegantly in this washed-out, black and white treatment.

This is the phoneography workflow for this portrait.

Snapped side view, slightly tilted, using the native Camera app of my iPhone 4S. The ceiling line is easy to crop but the artist sketching on an easel might be a challenge but not entirely difficult to remove.

Straightened, cropped and squared using the IGers’ photo edit app of choice Snapseed (iOS, paid).

Easel removed using TouchRetouch app (iOS, paid). The filtered snapshot uploaded to Instagram (the first photo above) was applied with Orton IR effect using Dynamic Light app (iOS, paid).

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