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It was a stay-home long weekend as usual (what we’d like to call that fancy name of staycationing) after the Halloween parties and thingamajigs, thankful much for getting the chance to do some serious book reading (I mean the old-school printed books, not the softcopy versions for tiny screens) and laidback web surfing (not the work-intensive type, oh how I still can’t let go of that term).

I can’t seem to put down Walter Isaacson’s biography of Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs (which is now topping various bestseller lists) but I’d segue anyway to my always-online self.

I caught this 4-hour workweek concept online, actually a book by Tim Ferriss, which warns us about information overload, espousing the idea of “selective ignorance” and from which I learned that phrase “lifestyle design.” Yes, designing or strategizing your lifestyle, awesome idea actually, in making day-to-day misadventures a little less crazy. Learn more about Tim Ferriss and his book from this website.

Don’t you want to sometimes stay completely offline (not even a single tweet, or status update, or that newer instant hi and hello via iMessage) and go back to doing things the old way? I do, and so I’d write using pen and paper, make post-it notes as reminders, and fold a page as my bookmark!

Unfortunately, what with work and personal thingies, that offline button seem grayed out or disabled, but of course.

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