My son’s a bonafide rockstar now

My youngest son Kirk Marcus is the lead guitarist for his recently formed band they named The New Coming Horizon (TNCH), busying himself this past summer collaborating with schoolmates and friends, jamming to cover Paramore’s “Emergency” and penning an original composition “Nailed Promises” together with Matthew (Bass), Levi (Rhythm), Lindsay (Drums), fronted by Gio and Anna on vocals, which they performed for the public for the first time and won them 3rd place at the Clash of Bands 2016 by Blaster Studio, held at Selda Dos Music Bar and Studio in Visayas Avenue, Quezon City last June 4, 2016.

They’re the youngest group (Levi and Lindsay are 14) competing with 8 other more seasoned rock bands, and this is Kirk’s second gig outside of school. And so I was teasing him because of this, his being a rockstar is now more legit. You can tell I’m a proud parent, well as a kid I myself aspired to becoming a frontman for a rock band, which almost happened, but now I’m happy I get to see my kid rocking it out on stage, showcasing his guitar prowess, and hopefully gets to see all his rockstar dreams come true.

Appreciate you liking and sharing the video, thanks and cheers to rock and roll!

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