Magic hour, golden sunset

Last week, what my wife and I intended as a quick getaway to Marinduque to attend a wedding, turned out to be an extended, stay-where-you-are vacation, the day after witnessing a golden sunset past the magic hour, that got spoiled when typhoon Gorio moved across the Philippines, with public storm warnings causing the cancellation of sea travel until Sunday evening. In short, we got stranded.

The bipolar weather of rain showers and sunshine in between, forced us to stay indoors for about two days. With power outages (though the huge house we stayed in had a generator running), intermittent Internet connection, and weak to dead signal on our mobile phones, our digital personalities kind of taken the days off. Stranded and offline (and running out of clothes), we took the opportunity to do things without our gadgets – spend hours talking about anything and everything!

We prayed for and was blessed with a magical, golden sunset for a blissful wedding, while we’re of course not expecting to get stranded in an island, being off the grid even for a while, surely made it an unforgettable misadventure.

Your thoughts?

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