Letterpress-ing addiction

Having a variety of iOS games (Infinity Blade and Contre Jour HD are among my favorites) but the ones I actually keep and play on my iPhone 4S are word games (Scrabble, though slow and buggy, is a mainstay). Usually multi-player, you’d rack your brain shuffling letters, forming a word or two that exist, hoping to outscore your opponent and win the game (and claim bragging rights in Facebook or Twitter). Great workout for the brain, these word games provide, and virtual bonding time as I mostly play with the wifey, although we haven’t been playing lately, until we got addicted to Letterpress.

Letterpress, compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad, is created by Loren Brichter (of Tweetie fame), a cleverly-designed game for creating words, stealing tiles or claiming the board in your color. Letterpress requires Game Center in iOS and you need to be online to play.

It’s free to download but a $0.99 upgrade is available to unlock the color themes and to play simultaneous games. I use the Forest theme, which is easy on the eye, and play two to three matches simultaneously. The wifey is so proud to have beaten me over ten times, mixing up the craziest, longest words, that I can hardly catch up.

What makes Letterpress so addicting is the clean, flawless interface and simple yet strategic gameplay. Tapping is responsive, with the colors easily showing you who’s beating who, and the wiggling tiles are a very nice touch, cute even.

It’s like Scrabble, only it’s more fun. The object of this game is not only to combine letters to form acceptable words, but also to grab letter tiles used by your opponent (and change to your color), and ultimately claim as many tiles of the 5×5 board as you can in your color to win the match. Letterpress will test your vocabulary prowess and scoring strategies.

My only complaint on this game is that there is no instant rematch option, you’ll always have to start a new game via Game Center, though you get to see all the games you played (including the played words), in case you’re tallying, or remove any and all with a simple swiping gesture.

So, are you game for a Letterpress match? Add me up on Game Center – CCLozano.

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