Kindled to going back to reading

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite by CC Lozano

Hey kiddos, look what I got myself last Christmas. This is one of two Amazon gadgets I bought from local sellers. Been wanting to get an e-book reader since the first Sony model came out but never really got the chance of scoring one. I’ve been pushing myself to go back to book reading, but aside from frequently forgetting to dog-ear the page, I’d forget the book entirely. And I guess age plays a big role now as I couldn’t last an hour reading without falling asleep, lols.

Of course, nothing beats printed books either old or new, the smell and the adventures of having to turn every page of each story, but the Kindle will allow me to bring as many titles as the device’s storage can handle, in my daily commute to work or during my free time.

The Kindle I got is the Paperwhite 10th generation with special offers, released in 2018, and already features a waterproof design, perhaps to let you catch up on reading even when near the pool or the beach. I chose the Twilight Blue color which looks really nice and bought a matching textile-textured case. The special offers or ads are not exactly intrusive (some users say it’s easy to have them removed) and the 3-month complimentary membership to Kindle Unlimited is definitely a big plus, especially for anyone wanting to kickstart their e-reading. Its 6-inch display is just the right size for me, though I thought I got a defective unit as the screen flickers with every activity, upon checking online forums it appears to be normal behavior of the e-ink technology it uses.

I have so far completed reading about 5 titles since I got my Kindle and I’m currently listening to Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths. Yes, you’re able to listen to audiobooks with this Kindle, but you’ll need a Bluetooth earphone (it only has a USB port for charging). I got to drain its battery after a full workweek, so it’s the perfect companion given my schedule.

By the way, if you’re on Goodreads (the social media equivalent for readers, now owned by Amazon), follow me at and let’s share book and reading ideas. My reading challenge for 2021 is 36 books or at least 3 titles per month.

Even with the Kindle Paperwhite, which will probably go as one of my best buys from 2020, I won’t give up printed books, but here’s to rekindling more my love for reading.

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