iPhoneography for the fab and flashy

This is supposed to make your iPhone 2000-late. Following up his announcement last week that he’s launching an iPhone accessory that can turn it into a 14-megapixel shooter, Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas today has unwrapped i.am+ for the iPhone 4/4S which will be available by December 06 exclusively at London’s Selfridges. iPhone 5 owners will have to wait next year.

According to The Telegraph, the i.am+ will be available in matte black (£199) and white with gold trim (£299) flavors. This iPhone accessory is supposed to bring up the resolution of your iPhone’s built-in camera to 14 megapixels, enhancing clarity with its sensor, upping the ante with a better flash. It also features a slide-out keyboard and interchangeable camera lenses (standard, fish-eye, wide and zoom), with a companion photo sharing app, pegging it as a social network to compete with Instagram.

With its design statement and price range, will you get the i.am+ for your iPhone?

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