Into dish gardening

While it took her a while to quit cigarette smoking (I stopped several years ago) I’m just happy that my wife, who remains a huge Aldub fan, have realized she’s gifted the green thumb and kind of got addicted to gardening, and collects a variety of cacti, succulents, and several flowering plants.

It all started with the small, barren areas in our garage and front yard, having had our house fully renovated last year from one story to add another floor to accommodate more rooms. What used to look like a puzzle of plumbing lines and unsightly cement droppings and broken hollow blocks, are now plots for beautiful gardens when she got them fixed, with which she’ll wake up early every day (even if she hardly slept due to work) keeping her mornings preoccupied with watering and tending to her plants. This also got her started with dish gardens and turned it into a business of sorts – Lhen’s Dish Gardens – selling her creations to friends and those who inquired online.

What piqued her interest (and mine as well) more than the wide variety of cacti and succulents, are these thrift shops we went to while looking for antique or hand-me-down furniture for our bedroom. One that’s nearby we have frequented several times was selling decorative bowls big and small, tea pots and cups in earth colors, plates and saucers with traditional designs, perfect containers for her dish gardens.

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Our weekends since have been impromptu dates to these second-hand shops and late afternoon visits to Quezon Memorial Circle and Farmers Market in Cubao. But I’m not complaining, I can see my wife genuinely happy and stress-free, shopping to her heart’s content until our car’s trunk can’t take it anymore. Sometimes she forgets time and complains of getting herself sunburned but not minding it anyway as she worked on bowls to pots and cute cups. Not all her planting are successful, getting frustrated when one dries up or wouldn’t sprout, but her dutifully tireless tending to them anyway eventually pays off. She’d proudly show me her blooming gardens, each and every flowering species, every time I get home at night.

So pardon me if I seem to flood my Instagram timeline with these dish gardens, they’re beautiful!

Your thoughts?

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