Instagram’s 3.50 update

Was not surprised that Facebook’s friend-tagging feature crossed over to instagram – that Photos of You option introduced in the 3.50 update, that lets you tag people (or any Instagram account) to your photos (like you do in Facebook), organized in a new section on your profile with adjustable settings, that will be visible to the rest of the Instagram’ing public by May 16.

I’d like to think that Instagram is not replicating Facebook’s features, but judging from mixed reactions by the community, this update might be the sign of either Instagram slowly becoming like or strategically merging with Facebook. That’s something I’d dislike happening.


Anyway, aside from the minor UI tweaks, what caught my eye after updating is that, Instagram has apparently given up its Billabong-like font (which I really like) for a new one. That familiar logo on top of the app’s home tab is now sporting a new typography. You can also see it at Instagram’s website.

UPDATE: Found out it’s Mackey Saturday who worked on the design of Instagram’s new logo, more details here.

Now let’s play around with this update to see if it’s almost like Facebook’ing. Excuse me while I check the photos tagged to me, not that I don’t want you to see me awkwardly funny.

Your thoughts?

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