Instagram launches web profiles

Instagram today introduced web profiles, describing the feature as a beautiful new way to view and share Instagram over the web, displaying not only your photos but your profile photo and bio as well, giving others (especially those without an Instagram account) a look at the content you share on Instagram. Found out about this update this afternoon upon checking IGersManila, and got this notification:

And yes, if you go to, you’ll see IGersManila’s Instagram web profile! See any semblance to Facebook’s profile design? Well, hope it ends there (Facebook owns Instagram), but the photo set displayed on top shuffles to show different clickable photos like a slideshow.

Not all Instagram web profiles are available at launch (my personal account is not yet live) but Instagram assured users that the rest will be seen in the next few days, if not in the coming weeks or so.

If you’re an avid Instagram’er, you’re probably wondering what are web profiles for? Instagram claims it provides users with a simple way to share photos with more people and to make it easier to discover new users on the web. While this is not exactly a groundbreaking new service, I can only consider this positively as a welcome opportunity for growing the community and reaching out to a bigger audience.

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