Instagram 4.0 features Video on Instagram

In a press event Thursday, Facebook announced a new way of sharing visual stories called Video on Instagram – which has been rumored as a response to Twitter’s Vine, to rival its growing popularity as the social network go-to for short video loops – released today via Instagram 4.0, differentiating its service by going beyond the 6-second limit, with a new movie camera icon that allows you to record 15-second videos that play once, and as expected, 13 unique filters to choose from, and a stabilization feature called Cinema.

Filter is applied after you snap the video and you can choose a particular scene as the cover image, to keep your Instagram feed looking visually interesting. It’s now available for iOS and Android, but sadly, there’s still no news of a version for Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

With this update, visual storytelling is no longer limited to still images, but will this new video-snaps make Instagram’ing more fun?

Your thoughts?

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