Instagram 3.2 is out!

Setting aside the not so good vibes and speaking of a redesign, Instagram for iOS today gets updated to version 3.2, adding a new monochrome filter called Willow, a revamped camera with an Instagram-themed shutter and shutter release button, a photo preview for uploading from camera roll, grid guides, the redesigned News Feed, continuous scrolling, a Foursquare button, among other enhancements.      


Following are some screenshots and notes on this Instagram update. 


The revised Instagram will greet you with a new welcome screen design, log in and you’ll notice the speed bump. The News Feed has been updated to include larger images, making it easier to read comments and check on likes and follows. 


The Instagram camera now has the familiar icon for its shutter button, with grid guides that help in framing snapshots. The new photo preview makes it even easier to browse and upload images already in your camera roll. You now get an Instagram album where your filtered photos are saved.


The new camera is noticeably faster but what I’m looking forward to is Willow, a black and white filter with a translucent white border, perfect for portraits and still subjects with contrast, and that high-quality tilt-shift that now renders more beautifully. Live filters are gone by the way.

The redesign seem to carry on the dark/grayish look and feel all throughout the app, though I see some hints of Facebook influence. Will have to try out the rest of the revisions, let’s see if such will make Instagram’ing more fun.

Android Instagram’er? Update to Instagram 3.3 and keep the good vibes rolling!

Your thoughts?

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