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Like an infectious yawn awkwardly signaling my day has started, I checked my iPhone by force-of-habit and found that there’s an update for Instagram. Version 3.0 is available both for iOS and Android. Looking like a major app overhaul, I immediately installed the update and is greeted with Instagram’s new feature – Photo Maps:

From the Instagram Blog:

With every major release, we pick a theme – and for this one we’ve focused on the browsing experience. We’ve introduced a new and unique way to browse your photos and others’ photos on a map, which means you’re no longer constrained to browsing through page after page of photos. We’ve also worked hard on updating all the screens in our app to be more visually consistent and polished. You’ll notice new layouts throughout the app that feel fresh, yet familiar. Our engineers have also been hard at work making sure that the browsing experience is as fast as possible. On newer devices, you should notice a marked improvement in speed while browsing. With that, we’ve introduced infinite scrolling in feeds so that you can quickly see more photos while browsing around the app. And finally, we’ve paid special attention to keeping Instagram a safe place. With improved reporting tools, users can now flag both photos and comments for review with ease. We’re very excited by how much has gone into this release – as always, please provide us with feedback as you explore the new features.

With Photo Maps, Instagram introduces a new way of browsing photos. 

Loading Instagram after the update, you’ll see a prompt on your home tab, to review and explore this new feature.

You’ll be prompted to agree that you want your own Photo Map publicly visible. I’m not sure though how this works for private profiles, mine’s public since day one.

You’ll be asked to review which of your previously geo-tagged photos are added to your Photo Map. Should you change your mind later, photos can be removed at any time.

You will then see your Photo Map! Of course, all my photos appear to be taken in the Philippines, I have not been geo-tagging really. But if you travel a lot and you always geo-tag your posts, this feature allows you to showcase your photos on a map, that others can see from your profile.

The user profile has been revamped, displaying bigger photos in grid view supposedly to make it easier to browse profiles, including photos in Explore tab, hashtag, and location pages.

The “Load more” button has been replaced with a plus button that you don’t really have to tap, all you do is swipe upward, that’s actually infinite scrolling making it conveniently faster to browse large collections of photos. The browsing speed depends on the device you’re using, my iPhone 4S does this well.

The photo upload screen has been updated as well, with a bigger caption box to make writing and editing text easier (though I’d still prefer writing my caption with the Notes app, then copy/paste).

In addition to design and performance improvements, Instagram has added a way to report abusive or spammy comments.

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