I’m not really a Linkin Park fan. I have a few of their old songs, but never in my playlist, which is usually limited to 80s new wave and 90s alternative music – until I heard my kids playing both the Living Things (2012) and A Thousand Suns (2010) albums, on loop. I particularly like their latest album with its strong personal statements, heavy guitar and electronic mixes, and the rap and grungy blending – what they’re best known for. Lost In The Echo is my favorite and this got me listening to the whole album (and LP’s previous releases) and appreciate the unique musical style that transitions beautifully from synthesized beats to ear-splitting guitar riffs, LSS indeed.

In these promises broken
Deep below
Each word gets lost in the echo
So one last lie I can see through
This time I finally let you
Go, go, go.

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