I want my iPhone 5!

By now, you must have read Apple’s December 03 announcement that the iPhone 5 will be released in South Korea this coming Friday and in 50 more countries this December, including the Philippines on December 14, 2012. That’s two days earlier than last year’s Philippine launch of iPhone 4S. Last night, Twitter was brimming with tweets about the iPhone 5’s official release here, and in my excitement, I was checking both Smart and Globe for updates, and which of the two telcos will have the iPhone 5 pre-order page up first.


While the link was not exactly being promoted, I was not surprised that Globe was first to have an iPhone 5 reservation page up this morning. No update from Smart as of this writing, With Smart’s Twitter account promoting its iPhone 5 release date early on, its own registration page went live only later in the afternoon. 


I’m a Globe postpaid subscriber and with my plan for re-contracting soon, I’m getting the 32GB Black & Slate model. No information yet on the corresponding postpaid plans or prepaid pricing.

If you want an iPhone 5 from Globe, reserve one here. Once you have completed the registration process, you should get a confirmation email with your reference ID, which you’ll need to complete your order. A Globe representative will call you on or before the launch date, with information on how you’ll get your iPhone 5.

So there, that’s next week, can’t wait and so excited, I want my Globe iPhone 5!

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