I almost missed the sold-out Incubus Manila concert “If Not Now, When? World Tour” at the Araneta Coliseum, big thanks to Solar I got 2 UB tickets that afternoon, the wifey and I were really excited! Franco opened the show with their anthem hits, doing a bit of electro-techno Incubus-like intros, the perfect front act! Incubus was simply awesome, with Brandon Boyd blowing the audience away with his unfailing, charismatic voice and gyrating moves. They played about 17 songs on the first set, returning to the stage after the ear-busting uproar of “we want more!” with an encore of about 3 songs, ending the show with “Nice To Know You.” “Sulit” the wifey said, couldn’t agree more, Incubus rocks!

Your thoughts?

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