How have you been?

If you haven’t been asked or is not asking this question lately, perhaps this is the best time to talk or get in touch with someone who’ll most likely need interaction, especially now that we have yet to see the global pandemic crisis ending pretty really soon, and given the prospects of having to deal with the “new normal.” I know it’s been a while and the past two months weren’t exactly easy, but how have you been? Hope all’s well with you, I pray that you’re safe at home with your family and loved ones.

I have been mostly inactive online because like most of you, I was silently struggling with life’s many tricky things big and small. It was a first quarter storm for me – my car was a total wreck after the holidays thankfully no one was badly hurt, few weeks after that I lost the job I kept for almost 15 years, then a heavy downpour of what seems to be a streak of bad luck – that, while having to deal with the news of the virus infection being widespread and later becoming a pandemic. It was the lowest of low for me that later turned into something that concerns not just myself but my family and as scary as what the world makes of the health crisis, panicky as it affects people from all walks of life, even the wealthiest and most especially the poor.

While I actually readied myself for 2020 – it’s the year of my zodiac, the year of the rat, though not expecting it to be any good than the last – who could’ve imagined this year to be this troubling and problematic that we all want it cancelled already? We obviously can’t, now we’re dragging days to long weeks and dreadful months in the hopes of finally saying we’re on the clear and we can all bounce back to normalcy. But that’s a long shot, you can tell from recent news updates, we have a long way to go.

I thought my problems were so big I’m entitled to have a breakdown. I did cry to myself (and to my family) but realizing I’m a tiny dot to a bigger picture, that my concerns are nothing compared to the scary prospects of what lies ahead, I pulled myself up and talked myself out of depression and anxiety. It wasn’t easy, of course. Was coping by asking people around “How have you been?” proclaiming “All’s well!” as if convincing myself of the same as well. Let people you know you care, it may just be a smile or nod or a simple “hi” or “hello” but at these tough times, in the aftermath of home quarantine or city lockdown, overbooked hospitals and staggering statistics, and the continuing social or physical distancing, we all need that boost in morale that we can all go through this together.

Like me, you may have lost a lot of important things to 2020 and the possibilities of gaining them back may be gloomy, but I feel good and strong-willed now knowing that I’m not alone in this fight. We can make the new normal a better one, we just have to check on each other, and be genuinely loving and caring as much as we can, and all will be well.

Your thoughts?

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