Happy to be ghosted and rejected

My friends didn’t know, my relatives won’t believe it, but I was jobless for almost five months or during most of the lockdown period brought about by the pandemic. It was a personal struggle that kept me off the grid. And it would have been a terribly depressing situation, except I thought this can be an opportune time to finally get it rolling with starting our own business, which we did. And thankfully Camia Eats is doing well and kept me busy and my mind off my personal worries.

When the community quarantine became less stringent and companies started opening their doors to work opportunities again, that’s when I started sending out applications. I would almost always intro myself as having 25 years of professional experience but that didn’t prepare me for the onslaught of nonreplies. LinkedIn at the time was fraught with posts from budding and seasoned professionals being let go then getting frustrated from recruiters that ghosted them. Devastating to a candidate especially when one thought it was a promising lead. That’s several months of job hunting and some, if not most, are beginning to doubt they’ll get their careers back on track given the gloomy prospects of the health crisis that have yet to end.

Perhaps due to the global pandemic, there are a lot of companies that couldn’t do business anymore and too many people lost their jobs as a result and are now all looking, and recruiters are simply overwhelmed – I was trying to convince myself with this reasoning but the more I realized it was the same case for me as those frustrated posts on LinkedIn. I thought my 25-year career is already impressive but that ain’t a guarantee. It tested my faith and I was starting to lose my confidence. Until recently, I didn’t know job hunting was this tough and frustrating. Thing is, what if the job ghosting and rejections are actually pointing you in the right direction?

So yes, weeks after weeks of being ghosted or getting rejections from one opportunity to another, I decided to treat each not as a failure but as a sign to keep at it, pick up the lessons and be the better version of yourself in the next. It wasn’t easy of course, but when you have nothing to lose, and you have your family’s love and support, you become stronger in faith.

I was in the grocery buying restocks for our store when I got an email with a job offer that’s worth the wait. If it weren’t for the companies and recruiters who ghosted or rejected my application, I would not have landed this amazing job opportunity. Or perhaps rushed to accept a job I didn’t like. I was teary-eyed while pushing my cart to go to the long queue to the cashier. I felt truly heaven-blessed and can’t stop smiling behind my face mask and shield. Once home, I excitedly broke the news to my wife and kids. I happily accepted the job offer and have been reporting for work since.

If you lost your job and is having a hard time landing yourself a new one, I won’t lie it’s still going to be tough given the pandemic situation, but keep the faith and keep at it. Consider each rejection as a lesson that’s pointing you to your next amazing job.

All’s well and stay safe!

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