Happy Easter!

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The sun dotting beautifully the skyline almost always reminds me of Easter, such as this photo I took when my wife and I went to Marinduque. I remember looking at the seemingly endless horizon and I just can’t help but think about life and get that contrasting feeling of melancholy and elation. Sadness because of discouraging circumstances, happiness because I have overcome and continue to be hopeful.

Like most faithfully celebrating this meaningful day having renewed their faith, I’m thankful to be alive and that all’s well.

The past three months, the usually busy first quarter of the year, thankfully didn’t take that much toll on me. It’s not going to be easy but today I commit to not waste time attempting to fix life’s imperfections. We tend to think we need to work hard to be successful and to have it all in order for us to be happy. Nothing wrong with aspirations of success and wealth but in this day and age of social media forcing us the idea of picture-perfect living, happiness can be found not entirely on material things but with what matters to us most – relationships, health, spirituality, our passion.

Like the seemingly common sun and sea photo, it speaks of simplicity but echoes the message of positivity and hope. No better day to be grateful and hopeful than today, happy Easter!

Your thoughts?

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