Google’ing the Philippine elections

If you’re looking for a one-stop site that brings together updates on this year’s national and local elections, Google’s Philippine elections resource page is your perfect online go-to. Launched on the first week of May, it’s a collaboration between Google Philippines and broadcast networks and online news portals, now getting hits from over 50 countries around the world, from as far as Uzbekistan, Rwanda, Finland, and the Netherlands.

The site contains election-related stories from various local news sources, providing information by political party or national issue, including broadcast coverage, precincts and candidates, and an incidents map organized into tabs. The incidents map plots election-related incidents on a Google Maps map tile of the Philippines embedded in the site, providing readers with a visual idea of crisis and violence levels in areas of interest.

If you ditched the TV (like me) to go all-out online for news, then add Google’s Philippine elections resource page to your bookmarked websites, and arm yourself with valuable information when claiming your right to suffrage this May 13. Oh and don’t forget to vote wisely!

Your thoughts?

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