Google for free, only from Globe

If you’re a Globe Prepaid or TM subscriber, you’re in for a treat! Globe launched Free Zone powered by Google, a global first, offering easy and instant access to the web and Google services on Internet-enabled mobile phones charge-free. This is great news, especially for first-time mobile Internet users, as Free Zone allows subscribers not only to search the web, but send and receive emails, and share anytime, anywhere at no cost.

Being online all the time doesn’t have to be expensive and with this new mobile browsing promo, Globe empowers even its most budget-conscious subscribers to experience and enjoy the web, exchange email messages, and share to friends, worry-free. Free Zone is initially available to more than 30 million Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers nationwide until 31-March-2013.

To access Google services on your mobile phone free of data charges, simply text LIBRE to 8888 for free or go to on the phone’s default browser. Go to for more information about Free Zone.

So, keep the good vibes rolling, online!

Your thoughts?

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