Gigi, the folding bike

Though I couldn’t do it daily, I’ve been trying to run after work before I go home. Running is the only workout I can do given my work schedule and longer commute. I would run circles for about half an hour at that pocket park in Salcedo that’s near my office. It’s a great way to cap a stressful workday and I’ve been getting good sleep every time. But when it started raining by June, I couldn’t commit to my running routine, I’d instead wait out the rain or traffic then go straight home. Reviving my gym membership would have been justifiable, but I was going there just for the treadmill anyway, so instead I decided to get a bike. It’s not like I can ride a bike under the rain, but the failed running routine and typhoon season aren’t exactly the reasons to go biking. But I went ahead with the purchase anyway.

I have been wanting to get a bike actually. I bought my kids theirs, but I can’t recall getting one for myself, though I remember learning to ride a bike straight without the training wheels, through the help of childhood friends. And it’s this decluttering project and minimalist aspirations of mine that got so addicting I’d really like to ditch the big stuff, like the car next, and look for better alternatives. Or at least minimize using the car, that aside from the gas money I’ll be saving, I could somehow prevent or avoid being an active contributor to the city pollution. Somewhat a huge goal but a valid reason to invest in a bike nonetheless.

So walk, commute, bike, run my way to work, that’s the plan. And of all the many road and mountain bikes available (most of the brands I checked are actually affordable), I went for a folding bicycle, specifically Giant’s Expressway 1, and called it Gigi. See the Instagram post, ain’t she a beauty? It’s my biggest purchase so far for 2018, but it’s well worth it.

I have yet to get a complete set of riding gears (they’re quite pricey if you’re picky) but I already joined a few biking communities, hoping to ride with a group soon. And while I haven’t completely ditched the car, I have been biking every chance I get.

Here’s to more riding misadventures with Gigi!

Your thoughts?

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