Get a SwitchEasy smartphone case at half the price!

You love your gadgets and you protect them with cases that sometimes can be too clunky for your taste. If you want a case that will not only keep your gadget protected but dressed up in the color and design that speak your personality as well, now’s the best time to switch. SwitchEasy, one of the most popular case makers in the world, makes it easy for you to switch. SwitchEasy provides more than protection for your gadgets, it offers unique designs that fit your personality, be it simple and elegant, or fun and eye-catching, there’s a SwitchEasy case that matches your style.

From July 19 to August 18, SwitchEasy is giving 50% OFF on all smartphone cases, and you can get the discount in three easy ways:

  1. In Store Swap – Trade-in your old case at any of SwitchEasy stores to get 50% OFF on any SwitchEasy case.
  2. Flyer – Use the flyer given at the stores as voucher and present to store staff to get 50% OFF on any SwitchEasy case.
  3. Online Voucher – Print the online voucher below and present it to any of SwitchEasy stores to get 50% OFF on any SwitchEasy case.


SwitchEasy cases are available at Abenson, Ambassador, Astrovision Glorietta, Automatic Center, Beyond the Box, CellShoppe, Complink, Digihub, Digital Arena, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, E-Central, EDS, Electroworld, Games and Gadgets, Globotel, Graphic-All-In, GUI, iCenter, iCon, iGig, Islands and More, Landmark, Memo Express, Microstation, Mobile 1, Octagon, PC Market, Planet Gadget, Powerhub, Samsung Stores, Senco Link, Sidrah, Silicon Valley, Technoholics, Techsavvy, The A Shop, The Inbox Store, Vertex, and Virtual Station.

It’s time to make the switch to SwitchEasy!

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